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Freezing computer

I hope someone can help me here as I am at a loss to what the problem is.

My dad is running windows xp pro with media center.
Over the last couple of days, it has been freezing up. The mouse still moves, but the animation (on the cursor) freezes, and the only way to get it woking again is to bring up the task manager.
Here is where things are strange. As soon as I bring up the task manager, the computer works again, without me ending any processes, and is says status as running on all programs. I have checked for virus, spyware, but not found anything. Sometimes within 5 mins, it freezes again, and task manager releases it.
He has added no new hardware since buying the PC just over a year ago, and he says he has not installed any new software since the problem started.


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I would start by checking the event viewer on the system to see if anything is recorded around the time the system locks up. Check the application and system logs. (Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Event Viewer)

It could be many things, will have to try and narrow it down.

Another thing to look for is applications running in the background. Try shutting off all background apps (Anti Virus / Spyware, 3rd party Mouse or Keyboard software, IM clients, Multimedia applications etc...) and see if the system continues to lock up with just Windows running (maybe just surf the net as a test).
I have checked the event log, and it only has 2 errors.
One to do with fax, but he doesn't have a fax installed. I'm sure it's not that though
The other is a PC tools (Spyware Doctor) service that has terminated unexpectedly

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