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Freeware Converter from .doc to .pdf

I need help finding freeware program to convert .doc files to .pdf.
If U can give me some hint where I could find it or maybe tell me wich is good.




Debiant by way of Ubuntu
link if you prefer program

If you prefer to have a program for offline use then look at this link:-


(for some reason link button not working on me and me's too lazy for all the URL thingy!)

BTW I know this has come up before - that is why I had that link handy. I believe it is shareware with a free trial or maybe ads - not sure but you can check it out and it look slike it does even more than you need.


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It's not exactly a converter.. but Open Office (URL=http://download.openoffice.org/1.1.1/index.html) has the ability to save as a pdf file.

You could open the .doc file in Open Office and then resave as a pdf..


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ming said:
As I mentioned earlier.. my friend just changes the extension from .doc to .pdf :)
You can't change a Microsoft Word document to Adobe Acrobate file just by changing the extension, their completly different


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there is a program we use in the office called: www.pdf995.com

the way it works is you select file print. then select the driver named pgd995 and a dialog box comes up to assk where and what name you want to give it. it then saves it as a pdf.

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