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Freeware alternative to Cutenews


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Hi guys,

Does anyone know of a decent freeware alternative to Cutenews? I don't like having the disclaimer on some of my websites but to buy a licence for each one would cost quite a few $$$.

Any suggestions? Reps for any good help as usual.



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Hmmmm guess I'll just have to stick with the unregistered Cutenews for a while - I'm getting married next year so I need all my pennies for that!


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I'm running it on 5 different sites you see, and will probably do so on more in the future. I genuinely can't afford that kind of money at the moment. Maybe next year after I'm married, but then there's the small problem of buying a house! Unless the housing market slumps, I'm going to be counting the pennies for a long time yet!
The housing market is dropping, if you can hang on a while you'll come through on top. Trust me, we've had our house up for ages and dropped it by £15k this weekend past in order to try sell. It's one of the cheapest in our area but people still just aren't buying houses!

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