Freeserve Connection Kit?????



Hiya. I haven't installed the freeserve connection kit because I'm connecting through a linux gateway. My orginal number was 08009916001 and I have noticed the net being slow (especialy in games, ping was normaly 230 on dialup, average 350 now lol). And I read about that there increase bandwith on newer numbers.

My dad got a letter about it were going to try the utility thingy tomorrow (he has a stand alone machine not on my network). I just wondered if I could change the number to this

0808 993 3257

which I have done using this guide and I quote

There are also additional Freeserve Anytime numbers not listed in the various versions of the Connection Kit:

0808 993 3256 (not verified)
0808 993 3257 (verified)
0808 993 3265 kept in reserve for those unable to connect using the Freeserve Connection Kit (also not verified)
. I used the midle one.

I dunno just wondered if I'm doing the right thing as I got Linux. I don't want to start dialing a paid service lol. Were on freeserve anytime.

It dialed a lot faster than useal though I must admit. Gona go and try elite force now.


I may actually be insane.
All 0808 numbers are free. I used to have all the numbers from the ufaq site in my dial up list and chose a different one each time I dialed.

Don't install the connection kit though. It really is worthless, most people have labaled it ****it (Freeserves Usesless Connection Kit)


well the smoothwall linux only dials one number, i switched back to 08089916001 because it all f*ed up. There gona phase out the number though aint they ?:S?


I may actually be insane.
They say they are, but they've been saying that for ages, the numbers do seem to only work in certain areas though, for example sometimes when I dialed a random one it refused to connect, then XP automatically picked another and it worked.
You've just got to find which one is best for you.


Hiya. Installed the kit on my dads PC. I'm not bothered about dad's PC. He only uses it for office work. I was just wondering how the hell am I going to find out which is the best number for me. It would take for ever to do it on smoothwall[.org]. Just wondered if there was some kind of checker for the best number near you. Things like this are to time consuming on a LAN. I don't see how they can totaly phase out the number though because it's connecting as "147008089916080". Thats are old number with 147 infront. Shall I just try that or would that not work on Linux, I assume I would need that taskbar icon thingy cause that would hold all the numbers right.


I may actually be insane.
Well in theory freeserve should have sent you the number that is the best for your area.
You could always try asking them via e-mail telling them that you are a linux user and you can not use the kit.

I found that the best number for me was the bery first number that thye had ever given me.


I read on the help files from freeserve that they do not support Linux :eek:. Didn't get no email about the best number crap. Thats why they sent us a letter instead i reckon :eek:

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