Freedom Fighters anyone?

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Yes my Boys have and they seemed to get bored of it fast but then again we do have a wide choice ... what did you want to know? If its worth buying or just basic opinions ?


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RPG? More action than RPG. There is an RPG element that allows you to recruit more people with you as you progress, but it isn't an RPG. But then again, I played 3 levels, and I stopped playing.
My brother played it alot - looks like alot of fun, although I haven't touched ot myself. Looks groovy to me because it does have that slight RPG element, but there is a little mix of action combined with a different style as usual (super comicbook influenced)

it was also one of the sleeper hits of the year - if you look around, I think you'll notice it won RPG awards and sleeper hit awards from a bunch of magazines :) it unfortunately didn't get too big in terms of popularity, but from what I understand, its a pretty good game

*edit* yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh I was talking about the completely wrong game... what I described was freedom force...not freedom fighters... lol, score a point for my reading skills :rolleyes:

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