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FreeBSD losing mount points?

Dark Atheist

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ok so i installed freebsd 7.0rc1 earlier and told it to format the drives and where to mount them, now after i have everything set up, and am happying fxping stuff from old server to new server, i see the error that the disc is full!!!

Checking it shows that drives ad6 and ad8 (store1 and store2) are not mount and do not have a mount point (fstab shows where they should be mounted), i have tried with sysinstall to give them their mount points back but this doesnt seem to work.

Anyone have any idear of why this has happened or how to resolve it? i cant afford to lose all the info i have if it keeps doing it :(


EDIT: after some more googling it looks like the nforce 5 isnt supported by FreeBSD atm, so it looks like i wont be able to use it for my server box :(
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Dark Atheist

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it sees some parts but not all, i dont know why but it will create the drives and mount points, but as soon as you reboot the 2 400gb drives just wont mount

all i see in lable is

ad8s1 (no mount) 372GB *

also i did check the hardware.txt file in both 6.3 and 7.0 dirs, shows that there is drivers there for the sound and the network cards but nothing else, mind you even linux has issues with some of the hardware in that pc.

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