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FreeBSD 6.2 Released

The latest version of the FreeBSD operating system 6.2 has been released.

The highlights are
  • freebsd-update(8) provides officially supported binary updates for security fixes and errata patches
  • Experimental support for CAPP security event auditing
  • OpenBSM audit command line tool suite and library
  • KDE updated to 3.5.4, GNOME updated to 2.16.1
  • csup(1) integrated cvsup client now included
  • Disk integrity protection and authentication added to geli(4)
  • New amdsmb(4), enc(4) ipmi(4), nfsmb(4), stge(4) drivers
  • IPFW(4) packet tagging
  • Linux emulation support for sysfs
  • BIND updated to 9.3.3
  • Many driver updates including em(4), arcmsr(4), ath(4), bce(4), ata(4), and iwi(4)

This version also adds a new platform, FreeBSD can now run on an Xbox

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Electronic Punk

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We have been running 6.1 flawlessly for 7 or so months I think, hopefully it will have something in there that will make X dash out and get us upgraded ;)

But he knows best!
I just upgraded my desktop machine as a test case. Apart from trying SCHED_ULE the first time which hung after getting entropy for point_to_point, then switching back to SCHED_4BSD all went fine. I will be testing upgrading a couple servers later this evening. I am quite liking the idea of csup being in base now. No need to download ports to get cvsup-without-gui to then cvsup to latest ports then start getting stuff :p

can just csup and go :D

Though admittedly I've stopped cvsup'ing ports, just using portsnap now, but good to not need to install cvsup and ezm3 in order to update source :D
Not had any issues with ULE myself, been using it on our DNS servers since 5.2. Makes a nice improvement to SMP machines which our DNS servers are.


Political User
Been running it on one of my machines for a while now, the driver sk had a patch for some of the newer Marvell chipset based GigbitE cards, and it was not supported in 6.1. It is stable, it is fast, and so far has given me no problems at all.

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