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[FreeBSD 5.2.1] Giving dynamic filenames

I want to create a script (along with a daily/weekly cronjob), that does the following to the httpd (apache) logs:
  • Rename the logs
  • Create a new, empty log file by using touch <filename>
  • Move the backup file to a directory, for example a dir in my own home dir
This is basically it, but I have a problem/question about the first part: As you probably have read, I want to use this script with a daily/weekly cronjob, so I get the apache logs sorted daily/weekly. In order to tell them apart, I want to add a dynamic extension to the filename, like httpd-access.log.2004-9-26, or httpd-access.log.2004-<weeknumber>, but how can I create a dynamic filename like that? Can I do that in the script? How?

Btw, I created a part of the script, which is like:
cd /var/log/httpd
;**This is where I want the dynamic extension. In this example
;**I used .bck at the end of the filename,
;**but I want this to be dynamic.
mv httpd-access.log /path/to/archive/httpd-access.log.bck && touch httpd-access.log
mv httpd-error.log /path/to/archive/httpd-error.log.bck && touch httpd-error.log
Thanks :)
Consider this thread obselete, I was just browsing the internet about totally unrelated matters and I found it:
mv httpd-access.log httpd-access.log.`date +%Y-%m-%d`
(will give you something like httpd.access.log.2004-09-26)

Close this please.

Btw, I promise I'll try to search longer before I ask my question here...
Hmm, maybe I'll do that later. Anyway, I have a cronjob running at every monday 0:01 hours, using the script I just created, so that's ok too.

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