Free web site with 100 gig transfer.


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This is a site I just signed up for, it's filefarmer. It seems to be pretty nice. I am going to use it to host my sigs and such. Maybe some one on here will find it usefull as well. Since it's free, you can't beat it ..

Here is info:

10,000 MB Web Space (10 Gigs!)
30 MB File Size Limits
Limited FTP Access
Free Guestbook
Free Subdomain:!
Affordable MySQL and PHP upgrades ($4.99 one time)
100 Gigs of Transfer




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you would almost think there had to be a catch or something involved.. ads? hidden limits?


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I don't think there are any catches. I'll let you know. Then if I am using it to house photos and such, Why would it matter if there are popups and such ??


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Popups are annoying but it wouldn't bother me...
The only problem i always have is the stupid domain name... If it had a type name i'd go for it but nobody will ever remember the
Whatever though, i'm definately gonna think about it...
Thanks a lot,

Son Goku

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Popups can be easily blocked... What's annoying and takes some doing now is em flash ads, while of course keeping flash for other things :eek:

After 100 GBs transfer gets used in a given month, it probably will close in a not grascious method. So watch how big that thing gets. I've seen some sites, with actually forums I've visited have to change hosts from time to time as they grew bigger for just this reason.

Oh, and don't get slashdoted, lest you start having to throttle BW useage/else the ISP does :eek:


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yeah, your post was for the first 1,000 people. This one is a continuation of that. The promo ended, now it is a new one :)

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