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Free trial of Vista

My laptop really requires a format, i would like to try Vista on it to see what all the fuss is about, does anyone know of a link where i can download a fully working HOME PREMIUM edition trail that if i like it i only need to buy a license key for it????
Pretty much, but I, like anyone else would like to sample it before parting with my hard earned cash. Remember everthing in Britain costs twice as much as in the States.
Thanks for that KCNYCHIEF, that could be handy. But i really don't mind paying for something that is what i want. I don't want to go down the torrent line but would like a trial first.


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how would one get downoads for windows updates when it comes to WGA? Wouldn't it require the OS to be activated or at least have a serial number entered?


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Well you can install Vista without a key and use it for (I think) up to 30 days before you are forced to activate. If you know anyone with Vista you could just borrow their disc. I think you can just buy a key from MS if you want, or if I were you I'd get an OEM/Academic Edition for about £60/£70.


Think M$ should give Vista away for free, well at least home basic as I am not willing to pay for what I see as a system that needs work still.

Yes of course driver writers also need a kick, as they have also been slow or rushed drivers.

Thats what I have come across from various reads.
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Yes, there are still some things that Vista needs fixed. I've had a blue screen and some lockups already and all of my hardware is ok.

But yeah, I've run Windows Vista for even 60 days on a trial. But I'm not sure of the current time period. I'm not even sure that there is a download available yet for Windows Vista Trials or anything of the sorts. I just did a quick search on Google and only came across that Vista has a 30 day trial period if you have a copy, but there are ways of extending that trial to 120 days. I think the main reason for no real downloadable trials for Vista is because of it's size.
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Open up a command prompt (may have to open as admin) then type slmgr -rearm. This will reset the time limit and give you another 30 days. You can legally do this three times.

If you just type slmgr in command prompt you will get a list of all valid entries.


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i don't know how it is with vista, but with xp security related updates are all critical, so that shouldn't be a problem
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Hmm, I think I could download Ultimate Extras before I had even entered my product key, if anyone formats and uses Ultimate it would be great for confirmation

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I will try it out....

Installed Ultimate without a key then went to Windows Update. All updates including extras were available so I guess GEN3RIC is wrong.

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