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Free stuff


Dabba Dooba
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Yes really free stuff!

Go to www.4imprint.com and register. Then find any item that is cheaper then exproximately $15. Click the "Request a FREE sample of this promotional product" link. You can request up to 3 items.

From what i have read on slickdeals.com they never ask for stuff back. I have found a few things so far.

I ordered
USB Min vaccum
Boxed Chocolates - 8 oz. (cant return chocolates so it must be true that they never ask for it back lol)
Camo Flex Cooler

Make sure its under $15 otherwise it wont let you...a few computer stuff on there but nothing cool.

The guy who made the thread on slickdeals said he didnt order all of 3 items in one day cause it takes a bit to be able to order 3 more things. I dont care if it takes a bit its free so i ordered 3 things right away lol
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Dabba Dooba
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actually it wasnt a referral link?

I ain't lieing about this stuff...there is a whole thread about it on slickdeals.net. I just have been really bored lately and found alot different things online.

edit: Here is the thread http://forums.slickdeals.net/t104522.html?&page=1

edit2: EP...are you talking about the a referral link in the first link? If so sorry about that I copied and pasted the first part from the thread on slickdeals and didn't notice it was a referral. Sorry about that
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Dabba Dooba
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Nope...they don't even ask for a credit card or anything. When you find the thing you want click it and if u scroll a tiny bit it says something about a sample and then it will show your info and then click submit. I have to add in a company name even tho i dont work at a company but they dont know that lol.

If you wanna make sure its not a scam or anything i could tell you if i get anything next week. Its like 7-8 days for the things to ship that I got.


(value not set)
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I just ordered my three, I got a 32MB memory stick, a swiss knife :), and a laser pen. Thanks for the link :p


Dabba Dooba
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No problem...please report back when you get them :).

I ordered a camo coolie (the thing that goes around your beer or if you dont drink beer your pop :p),camo hat and a camping chair since his family goes camping alot.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Yeah i noticed some people dont get there things :(.

Its not a big deal if u dont cause its not like you paid for anything :p


Dabba Dooba
Political User
oooooooooooooooooo...I guess not :(.

Just go to the usa one and then fill the info for an account but just use your address and all that.

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