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I have installed Xp Pro on a partition of 3Gb(drive D). I installed different programs and two weeks ago I installed MS Office for XP. And since then I get this message frequencly : Low Disk Space on the drive D. I removed MS Office and the free space is now only 300Mb.I don't know what to do. It is really frustrating to know that you have 1Gb free space and you get the message:LowDiskSpace.
Please tell me what should I do!!!:eek::mad:
i can tell you this.... XP will grow and grow.... 3gb is not enough for XP. I would go with a bare minimum partition of 4.5 gb just to give it alittle growing room. For starters... you can disable your RESTORE feature. This will eliminate some growing space. Also with some of the tweaking programs you can disable the low space warning. I am not for sure how to do it right off hand.

You probably should resize the partition on your hard drive using partition magic to give it some growing room. partition magic will keep you from losing data.
OK! Thanks for your answer. Where do I get a newer version,because I have partition magic 4.0? And then how does it works? I just resize the partition or I have to format the drive? I didn't work very much with partition magic and I don't know what I have to do.
For XP compatability you need Partition Magic 7 or later

if you want to resize the partition from within windows you will need partition magic 7. I have always just used rescue disks so it fits on a floppy and does the same job, just from dos. And yes, it still works for XP doing it this way.

I tried to include an attachment that would have disk 2 of partition magic 7, but it was too big. Send me a PM with your email address and Ill send it to you along with some simple instructions. the file size is 889kb (zipped).
My e-mail address have partition magic 7 from a friend.So please send me just the instruction,because I don't know how pm7 is working.Thanks!

in your windows folder, check your memory dump file, if you had
a crash, it will dump your memory, for example , if you have 512
meg some times you will see a memory dump tmp file that exact size. this should delete its self but everynow and then they will stay there and eat hd space. and your paging file allocation will eatit up along with worthless peice of crap system restore. get somthing like norton cleansweep, itll help ya out alot....peace..;)

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