Free Security Update CD from Microsoft

w00t w00t

It's not limited to the States...something for free from Microsoft????? :confused:
looks legit????

but i cant see the UK in that drop down list ;)

Customers outside the US and Canada: please select a location and language below to see Protect Your PC information for your country. You will be able to order the CD from these sites when it becomes available. (Date of availability may vary.)
in a way, i kinda hope its bugged. :) then they'd send out updates to their update! haha

i wonder why they dont just wait for SP2, and send out that on the CD.
Doesn't hurt to have one of these. I know quite a number of people who don't even know what Windows Update is. :p
Wonder what free antivirus and firewall trail software it will be??
Henyman said:
but i cant see the UK in that drop down list ;)

... (Date of availability may vary.)
so I wonder when the UK will pop into the drop down then? :confused:
2-4weeks or so
/me doesn't really need it, just kinda cool having another microsoft cd :D
Hurah for free stuff. Microsoft where kind enough to send me SP1 on Cd for free along with a security updates cd, and some other crap (Don't remember what it was, came in a spiffy pack though :D)... Wasn't that nice of them :p
yeh, free stuff from MicroSoft is always good. (stares blankly at his 12 discs from the Office 2003 Beta Test)

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