Free POP Email

hotpop is the best free POP/SMTP email service there is .
I havent been able to access the 1 gig anywhere in SpyMac.
Yeah, I registered for a Spymac account more than a month ago, not for the email, but for the WebDAV space. It took almost 3 weeks for the account to get activated completely, and even now, most of the services are very erratic.
Does anybody know if/how I can connect to my gmail account via pop?
AFAIK, there is no way of doing so yet. Gmail is designed to be a webmail system, and Google doesn't offer POP access yet.
shame. the reason I ask is cause I cant access gmail from home, only work...
Yeah, I think the reason it's webmail-only is because Google wants you to be able to use some of the specialized features of GMail like message threading, and the search index, which would pretty much be possible only through the webmail interface.
SPeedY_B said:
Huh? It works fine here.

I meant that i cant see any webmail access for the 1 GB. I can only access it through POP, so I cant store anything in the 1 GB.
I think he means he cant access it using like Outlook and copying messages straight form one account to another... i do that to hotmail when it gets full... and i usually lose it all to formats
SPeedY_B said:
Every email client has the option to leave messages on the server when using pop3.
Also how can you miss the big "Mail" link on the spymac page?

Yes it seems to be working now, because when I had previously clicked on the mail button, when I registered in April, it redirected me back to the spymac main page.
Never quite understood why these "X-to-pop3" apps were made, Why not just use a real pop3 service?
SPeedY_B said:
Never quite understood why these "X-to-pop3" apps were made, Why not just use a real pop3 service?

Probably because there weren't too many free POP3 mail services available. I think Spymac and Hotpop are the only real decent ones available right now for free.
But yeah, I've never liked HTTP-to-POP3 apps myself, which is why I ditched my Hotmail account and bought my own domain when I switched back from Outlook 2003 to Thunderbird.
Yup, it's definitely worth it. Your own very personal email address, and no spam. :)

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