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Free Palm Outlook Sync Software


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Hey guys,

Right now I'm borrowing my friends Palm M505 so I can try and demo it, just to see if I like it and will want to use it in the future. One of the things that I am looking for is software that will enable me to be able to sync everything going on in Outlook with everything on my Palm. I've been looking around, and I found two pieces of Software, Chupacabra, and Beyond Contacts. I've tried the free demo of Beyond Contacts, and I like it, however the software isn't free for it.

Do you guys happen to know of any free third-party programs that will enable me to be able to sync Outlook with my Palm?


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Best bet is to see if your friend has the original CD, or if anybody has an orignal Palm CD. The Palm CD's that you get with the unit contain a licensed copy of software to sync the handheld with outlook. Unfortunatly the updated software that you download from Palm's site does not. So you have to install the software from the CD then update with the version from the website. Now it's been a while since I used a Palm device, I lean more towards pocket PC's lately, but I had a 500 series a few years back and that's how it was, so i can only assume that it still works that way.

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