Free Online Unlocking of Nokia Mobile Phones


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I just used it on a 12 month contract (Now expired) Nokia 3650 ...but i guess for PAYG phones it might be handy.


These unlockers are everywhere now.
I got one aswell, an excellent program to whoever made it!


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it just allows the handset to accept all simcards. Orange for one make it so the handsets that they supply with their tariffs can only use Orange sim cards, unlocking it means the phone doesnt have that type of usage protection.

i'm sure it does alot of other things, but thats the main thing i know of


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My phone (Nokia 8110i) and my sisters phone (3410) aren't even in the list. Well, my phone is already sim-unlocked so I don't really care, but I want ti try it with my sisters' phone.

BTW, are you sure this works? Is it really that simple? Almost to good to be true. I can try it with some phones from work tomorrow.
the 8110 and 3410 are not DCT4 phones. You can only actually remotely unlock DCT4 handsets (3510i, 8310, 6100, 6610, 7650, 3650 etc - any phone with GPRS basically). You can download a DCT4 calculator from the Internet which allows you to unlock a DCT4 handset by entering the IMEI of the handset, selecting the model from a list and selecting what network it is currently locked to - it gives you 7 codes to enter, the 7th is the universal code (unlocks all locks), but if that doesnt work, the 1st and 5th are the ones to use (note: you only get 5 attempts to unlock a locked DCT4 phone by code - after this, its a cable job only).


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Aha. I will keep that in mind.

I sent the link to work (I sell Mobile phones), just to see if we had any phones to spare. We still had a 3510 (not the i version) simlocked to the Vodafone Izi network. Because the imei-codes from the box differs from the phone itself, the phone could not be sold, because it only worked on a Vodafone network.
Together with the store-manager, we went to the site, typed in the information about the phone, got the code, typed the code into the phone and voila, it worked! I never thought it would. This is great teh poopie, too bad your warranty is void when you do it.

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