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Free Norton Systemworks 2003


I went to the Symantec site's Spam Watch Response Center and found the following:

Report suspicious online promotions of Symantec/Norton branded software by e-mail to spamwatch@symantec.com. You may also connect with the local contact of the Business Software Alliance (check the contacts list at www.bsa.org). In the US, you can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about a spam email that you have received. Visit the FTC online to file a complaint, or forward the spam email to the FTC for investigation.

I sent an e-mail to their "spamwatch" and am awaiting a reply now - will pass it on if I get a reply!

Yea- I ordered it also - just in case it is legit!;)

Perris Calderon

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ya, this give away doesn't make any sense, as it comes without any marketing perspective whatsoever...good lookin out, damnyank...let's see where this one goes

I'm going to get this, but I'm not going to open it, till we hear that it's safe....

you know, this would be a typical virus ploy, so be carefull till we find out more...those of you that have allready downloaded this, let us know what happened, ( if you still can..hehe), did you scan it?

Perris Calderon

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Originally posted by Jewelzz
What's to figure out? Why would you think it's a virus? The company can't do something similar to MS? :rolleyes:
well juswelzz, usually, when there is this type of giveaway, like that xp pro, there is some form of promotion which gets revenue back to the company, and they wind up with value for the give away.

there is no value back to norton that I can see for this give away.

Hipster Doofus

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I spoke too soon. I take it back. The postie has just been & I got my free cup of Robert Timms - Mocha Kenya Style. Woo hoo. Must go boil some water. :)

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