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Free Mac Video Editor

hey does anyone know of a free video editing program for mac?

It doesn't have to be very fancy, it's just for basically cutting a long vid in half and saving it in two files.

Thanks guys,


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iMovie that comes with every new Mac (OS X), now called iMoveHD and it's a part of iLife package. Apple iMovie '05 is an excellent (and free) video editor for the Mac platform, with advanced video editing features and a lot of addon and plug-in support. You can find more information about iMovie at Apple's iLife '05 site. Note that this software is free only if you buy a new Mac. You can purchase it, however, if you just want the software.


Avid Free DV

Avid Free DV is feature-streamlined, standalone software which includes basic video and audio editing capabilities, up to two streams of real-time effects and support for both Windows XP and Macintosh OS X platforms.


Here is a list of other freeware editors :)
thanks for the list tdinc... I don't have imovie installed (no idea why) and I already tried the aviddv program. for some reason 640mb ram is not enough for it?!

there are some on the list thought that look as if they may work.
reps for you :)

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