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Free Linux?


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Sorry, I'm not intending on causing a fuss or ask for warez.

I want to try one of the Linux OS to see what it's like, but I don't know where to start. I want to know which versions of Linux is free, and if poss, where can I find a copy of one. Also, I've heard about Lindows. Is this similar to Windows or does it actually run MS softwares?


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Linux has always been free, i suggest http://mandrake.com/ for newbies like you.

Your not asking for warez :).

If you want to keep it simple, you can go to your local computer retailer and get a copy of Mandrake Linux for $30. If you want to download and burn it to CD (free) then check out the site i just gave you :).

Lindows is indeed a Windows replacer, but it does not run MS software.


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anyone for Knoppix?

might be worth a sample - nice the way you can boot and run it from a CD if you are just playing around....


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Sorry Smods, didn't realise there was a dedicated Linux section. :)
Thank you all for the suggestions. I've downloaded College Linux while sleeping and Mandrake seems to be taking years to download. It says there's 3 600+mb files to download, not sure if that's right. :p


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All (well, I don't know of one that doesn't..) Linux distro's can be installed from one CD. It just depends on how many packages you want.


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The nice thing about Knoppix is you can just put the CD in and boot it even if ya got windows on the HDD. Just set the Bios ta boot from CD and play around with it. I've got a copy of Knoppix at home. I've tried it a couple of times.

---> Knoppix Link <---


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I'm using Debian Sarge (testing) right now as a desktop ... but I think that if you'd like a super friendly desktop that works out of the box ... SuSe is the way to go. I did the FTP install and it worked great. I've had experience with Mandrake 9.2 and it worked very very well also.

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