Free Linux CD's


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The Linux Store based out of Canada is providing Linux Distros (same as ubuntu) shipped to you free. :)

The project was started after the newly defined mission of was created. Part of the mission is "To help spread Linux and open source software around the world". This project is one way we are going to fulfill this mission. There are many places around the world that are still on dialup or have restictive download limits which makes downloading Linux time comsuming or expensive. We hope this project will help these people and many others obtain Linux.

just ordered some suse DVD's

Request Confirmed:

Confirmation Number: 20337*****

Please print this page for your reference.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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umm no. that thread was for available linux iso's :rolleyes:
No, there was a thread about it, or was started within one...I remember, I might have started it..

Ubuntu is the most user friendly, but to learn hardcore unix....there are 2 many


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hardcore unix does not include Linux. Since Linux is not derived from a Unix source. It is a variant, but not unix. Anyways, if you want Unix, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD might suite yer needs.


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4-6 weeks for delivery or a 2 hour download.

I guess that's nice if you are on 56k or don't have a CD/DVD burner ?


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Which one would be the easiest to use/learn?
and I am partial to Ubuntu (kinda obvious from my sig!)

Hasen't there already been a thread on that this year?

hmmm let me find it...
Actually I think Bman is right, but it was a very old thread and only for Ubuntu CDs back in the day before Breezy... I remember because I ordered some, including the x64 variation...


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I think I will give the Suse a try.
My server now is running Centos.

With a 4-6 week delivery time that gives me plenty of time to forget I signed up for it and then it will seem like a gift out of the blue.