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Free legal Music Downloads?



I was riding a few curves on the net earlier, I decided to go and check up some news at an old haunt of mine, I noticed what is pasted below.

Real Networks, pioneers of streamed online music formats, quite possibly seeking to atone for their past brushes with the Dark Side of Marketing, have recently announced their Rhapsody 25 service, which will allow users to stream up to 25 streamed songs a month from their catalogue of over 1.000.000 - for free.

Users will be allowed to upgrade to the full Rhapsody Unlimited service, which offers unlimited streaming from their full catalogue, as well as the option to purchase music tracks at 99 US cents each.

While the Rhapsody 25 free offer may pale in comparison to what illegal P2P file sharing networks allow their users to download, it is completely legal, and will allow guilt-free music listening to households the world over - once it's released outside the USA, that is.

Big kudos to Real Networks for this awesome initiative, and may it bring them many a new subscription. We love being right.
Source is here

If anyone happens to find the link to free music, please post a link.


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