Free Kaspersky based AV software

Feb 2, 2004
Okay all you free AV junkies that just cant grasp the fact that you have to pay for decent AV protection read up.

AOL has a product called Active Virus Shield, that is effectivley Kaspersky Personal antivirus 6.0 in a pretty UI for free to both AOL Members/Customers and the general public at large.

If you must use Free AV use this.


Windows Only to my knowledge.



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May 7, 2006
Cool, thanks will give it a try :)

anybody know any way to remove a partially uninstalled norton av?
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Feb 2, 2004
Makes life easy for you :)

Otherwise search for Symantec and norton in the registry.

However Symantec stuff is so pervasive that its easier to reinstall.

Symantec don't like being removed from your pc once they get onto it.


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May 7, 2006
when i try the first one i get this :

attrib -r -s -h %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\dllcache
ren %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\dllcache\msi.dll *.sym1
ren %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\dllcache\msiexec.exe *.sym1
ren %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\dllcache\msihnd.dll *.sym1

the second one worked.. and downloaded a file to my desktop

and the third one gave me the same window as the first but with lots of registry entries in it, i'm pretty sure they are supposed to come as a file??

ok i used the second file the removal tool by itself and it has removed norton and the new anti virus has installed without further problems, i also cleaned the registry again after the removal tool so hopefully everything should be fine now, if you see any holes in this logic please feel free to let me know :)

AOL also point you to this after installation, AOL Active Security Monitor, AOL Active Security Monitor is a free diagnostic tool that continuously monitors your computer and gives you a consolidated view of your PC and home-network security. No AOL membership is required, and there are no limitations. A security score (similar to a credit score) is determined by evaluating the status of the major components required to keep your PC and home network safe, including: Antivirus software, Antispyware software, Firewall, Wireless Security, Operating System, and Browser. For each vulnerability discovered, AOL Active Security Monitor provides you with quick fixes and recommendations to keep you safe.

Thought some might like the complete free aol offerings :)
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Apr 8, 2005
I downloaded and installed this on a PC over the weekend - seems rather nice/clean.

Anyone seen published reports on it, regarding performance and success rate in detection and removal of infections?

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Jun 23, 2004
Hopefully AOL have updated their version by now but if not here is some info you may want to know.

I contacted AOL as the version they were using was which was the old version. The installer said but after install on the service tab for product info it said and that version had been upgraded/replaced by Kaspersky in the retail version. I was told they were looking into it and would update.

Issues fixed in version but some may not pertain to AOL version:

1. Impossibility to download module updates in Windows XP 64 bit.

2. Crash during mail scanning when DEP is enabled in Windows XP 64 bit.

3. Vulnerability while processing data received using the HTTP, POP3, and
IMAP protocols.

4. A number of previously published vulnerabilities in klif.sys.

5. Error that caused multiple repetition of symbols in HotFixes string has been fixed.

6. Update of program modules is now enabled for the users who do not possess administrator privileges.


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Jan 12, 2004
I been using the new AVG and like it .. Thanx for the info though .. I might try this out .

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