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Free hosting with catches!

As most of you probably know by now (god knows I spammed enough :p) I was looking to provide hosting for a fee. However with my new shift at work I'm just not going to be around at the right time of day to provide any kind of decent support to anyone.

I've also needed to cancel all non-essential recurring spending (moving house put a squeeze on my wallet). Meaning I'll be cancelling the licenses for the support software and billing software and save myself a further £30-£40/month.

So if you want to be hosted free of charge head over to http://www.redmeteor.net/ make sure you read my Terms and conditions as well as my acceptable use policy and then post in the "hosting applications" section on my forums.

The catches are as follows:

No official support except what I and others can give through my forums and if you know my phone numbers you can call me.

I occasionally re-purpose the servers while maintaining hosting to test out software before recommending it to customers of my employer. My hosting users will be guinea pigs.

The hardware resources are limited. You will need to donate via paypal for me to get and upgrade some Dell SC440's if you want more resources :)

Have fun!


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
I'm in, Whats the Domain names?
Can i bring my current domain over?
I'm having trouble registering.
I cant see the image verification

Thanks :)
well send me a Dell SC440 with 2GB ram and 2x500GB disks and it can do :)

My current Sempron 2600, 1GB ram and 120GB hdd would not really be suitable for it.


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
Hey, does anybody know why i cant access anything related to RedMeteor.net?
I am the only one who cant, i could before, but it says timed out now...
Its really annoying, and i assume i have to clear something.


Electronica Addict
Political User
Vanq, half an hour after your post - I'm able to reach the site. Must be something at your end, or maybe it was a temp hiccup.

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