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free GOOD beta games

im "beta testing" Fung Wan Online (www.fungwanonline.com)

its pretty fun, its free, its in beta 3. its multiplayer and online, its all martial arts, and based in Japan or China.

feel free to add your favorite, or the one your currently playing
i think its lots of fun.. it takes time to develop your character, but definitly fun.

there are clans you can be apart of that offer special powers, and ones that offer specific powers for your choice of weapon.

the one thing that keeps me playing is wanting to explore all the lands, they are a good size and entertaining.

i've never really played a game like this, so i cant offer any comparison, sorry.


Can someone tell me the system requirements? Some of those screenies look like they would make my computer cry hehe.
Fung Wan Online in Beta
You would need a minimum of the following system specifications to test the game:

· Pentium III 866MHz
· 128MB RAM (256MB with Windows 2000 and Windows XP)
· 1 GB available hard disk space
· 32 MB Hardware T&L graphics card (Minimum GeForce1 or a Radeon 7500)
· DirectX 9.0a
· Windows XP/ 2000 (Service Pack 1 or above) / ME/ 98
· Internet access

i play with 550mhz Athlon K-7, & TnT 2 Pro and i have no problems at all.


Oh this will be funny then.

Via C3 @ 733 mhz(benchmarks are equal to p2 350)
256 mb pc 133
64mb onboard video.
Don't know if this is globally accessible, but there's a free online fighting contest here
It works in the UK at least:)

You get to customise your warrior then get to fight online
and on the telly!! :D

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