Free Faxing Software???


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Yeah, there is free faxing software already built into Windows XP. All you need to do is make sure the Faxing component is installed. Then, you simply type your word document and click PRINT and select the vitual FAX printer. It will then prompt you with some questions about your outgoing fax, allowing you to select multiple recipients and attach a cover letter. Everything you send out and everything you receive is kept. I have our corporate office set to use this method by having a server set up to do this and sharing it's virtual fax printer. So, our server accepts all incoming faxes and saves them, and allows for tracking all outgoing faxes as well. Good luck! Let me know if I can help any longer.

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I tried it with a 2 page document & it would only add one page. Anyway to get the whole document sent? What about multiple documents?

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So you can only send one document at a time??

Also I tried a two page doc but only one shows page up. (had a look at the preview before sending)


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what are you using to view the document, because it creates it as a TIF file I believe... you would have to be using a viewer that supports multiple page TIFs. Try windows Picture and Fax Viewer. There is a set of icons at the bottom that let you scroll through pages.

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When in word type the document up however many pages then in word go to
"file/send to/fax recipient" at that point the fax wizard will come up "click next"

select the document "tick with cover sheet or without" click next select your fax program click next then finish.

A screen will come up "The wizard has finished sending your fax" at that point the "Send fax wizard" will come up click next and fill out the screens then at
"completing the send fax wizard" you can click "preview fax" then click finish to send the fax.

If I use "with cover sheet " in word then when the "Fax wizard" comes up I tick "no cover sheet" so I don't send two cover sheets when the fax is sent.

This is the only fax I use anymore with customers and venders with sometimes as many as six pages at a time.


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bush dogg: Thanks for explaining that in detail. I am at home and do not have the fax software setup here so I was unable to do that. The fax software build into XP is beautiful, isn't it? I use it even beyond that, we have it set up on Windows 2003 and by printing to the fax printer on the server it walks us through the same steps and then sends it out through the server. It keeps track of all of the faxes, and because we use SharePoint Services they automatically link to our intranet site. I have it set up to allow faxes to be assigned to different individuals and one person goes through all the faxes at different times during the day and makes sure each person gets their faxes. They can also be passed on to someone else with just a click of a drop down box. It's great because it ensures we don't lose the paper, it holds people accountable with both received and sent faxes, and it archives them all.

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No problem

And yes the fax is very nice I couldn't do without it anymore I'm also amazed at how well it really works. The best thing for me is getting back in here and not having 30 to 40 junk fax's on the floor. I set it to print to file then just delete the junk.

I backup the fax file to disk also that I can go back to if needed long after the fact this cuts down on paper and file cabinet space (or what never happens with paper it get's lost) I haven't lost a disk yet.

The default file location here
"c://documents and settings/all users/application data/microsoft/windows nt/
ms fax"

If left in the default location this file shows all sent and received fax's


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sorry, this is a noobie question... but do you have to have a fax modem and a telephone line hooked up to your pc in order to use windows built in fax?


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Yes. If you don't have a fax modem you won't be able to fax. If you don't have a line hooked up to your modem it won't be able to fax. There are internet faxing services out there, but I don't know any off the top of my head. Those would not require you to have a phone or modem, just internet access.

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