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7 Oct 2004
Are there any free dvd burning apps out there?
Re: FREE dvd burner softer

You can also get burnatonce with the dvd writer plugin.
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lord thanks, i found that program straight after posting this, but as the name suggests it doesn't burn DVDs
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burns dvd's fine for me. ISO's and custom discs. I've not tried it to burn movies and stuff though.
thanks kc for the renaming. thanks the rest of you, i'll look into them tonight.
The program Lord suggested does burn DVDs mate. I use it all the time.
guess i'll have to reinvestigate it again.
YAY! I had a HP DVD Writer 200i given to me a while ago and I've never been able to burn to DVD+R with it in Nero. I tried a few different things for a while shortly after I got it but then gave up on it. It would burn to CD-Rs just fine but not to DVD.

This thread got me wondering so I tried Nero once again (been a few months since I last tried) and it still wouldnt work. I went on the hunt for other software suggested in this thread and found AVS Disc Creator. Worked on the first try!

Thanks for reminding me lol
the best software burner in existance is ImgBurn. it's freeware too :)

far better than nero
give it a shot :) . no other burning application can produce better (higher quality score, minimal jitter, etc) burns, none is more stable and i'll bet you couldn't find an application that handles dual layer burning & layer break calculation even nearly as well.

has none of the 50 odd bugs and errors nero has, is a very small standalone exe (works in vista too), can burn almost all images (except some nrg files, but that's because nero won't provide the necessary data to the author). can create images or burn data/dvd video straight to dvd.

the only downside is it can't create music/mp3 CDs, but you can always create the iso in nero or similar and burn with imgburn
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