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Free CD/DVD burning alternatives to Nero


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This question has been brought up before on what free alternatives there are..

Most people here would recommend either imgburn or CDBurnerXP


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Can anyone recommend any of those for burning XVID movies onto DVDs? I have some home movies from years ago that I'd like to convert for my family to watch but every time I make them into DVDs they skip and stutter terribly.


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I'll just say this. Yes, you PAY for Nero but, if you have specific needs, there isn't a burner out there that encompasses all the things that Nero provides to you :D

For the free versions, I think imgburn is probably the best all around solution.

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oly thing imgburn wont do that nero will is make videos and crap, but if you want a straight burning prog it kicks the **** out of nero, example being when i backed up a hd-dvd disc to the drive and had to reimage it as powerdvd was being a tit and wouldnt play it as files from disc, i pointed image burn at the folder and up came a box informing me that its detected that its a hd-dvd disc and that the current settings were not right and would i like it to change them for me :) it did the same when i went to image a dvd disc


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I actually bought Nero 7, and that's the program that's been causing me problems burning DVDs from DIVX files. I even tried the trial version of Nero 8 but that's not fixed anything.

I'll have a look into this Shampoo thing though :) Nice list.


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do any have the sort of nero vision features? my trial for nero 8 is about to run out, so far cdburnerxp looks the most appealing, but i need to encode video from time to time


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Here is a list of free CD/DVD burning alternatives to Nero.

1. ImgBurn
2. InfraRecorder
3. CDBurnerXP
4. Ultimate CD/DVD Burner
5. QuickBurn
6. DeepBurner Free Portable
7. FinalBurner
8. Burnatonce
9. Free Easy CD DVD Burner
10. AVS Disc Creator FREE
11. Express Burn
12. SilentNight Micro Burner
13. Burn4Free
14. EASY Burning
15. Disc Master
16. BurnAware Free Edition
17. StarBurn

I can see you really like to make lists dude - probably this will last as long at the contest stays open. :rolleyes:
Anyway, keeping it ontopic - I'm using CDBurner XP from time to time, although I don't do much burning these days anymore.
It's a decent program, with good options - despite its title it also handles DVDs, ISO images, Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs.

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