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Free Blu-ray Player


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For awhile now I have wanted to find a free blu-ray player for Windows. As most people are wanting. I just don't like the paid applications out there, and don't have the money to buy them (trying to be legit these days as well).

So I came across this application.

DAPlayer - Free HD Bluray Video Multimedia Player Software

I haven't found too many review for it. I was wondering if anyone here has used it or heard anything about it. Does it really play blu-ray discs?

I also am going to be installing MPCHC with a few other codecs found here (Setup guide for MPC-HC + madVR | Coalgirls) for most of my media. Wondering if this application will cause any issues outside of the player..


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So I have been playing around with it.

I have played Avatar & Zombieland with it without any issues. The only downside I see is it will only play the movie, no menu systems or extras. Which I am ok with, at least for now for free.

What I don't know if it is or can affect any other codec media players on my system. VLC is an all in one player. If I have MPCHC with all the codecs I want setup, does VLC have the ability to cause issues or is it self-contained in the player? I would assume this program would act the same as VLC.
mpc-hc will play most blue ray movies once the copy protection is removed with anydvd hd.

I say most as some discs have the movie split in to several files rather than one large one. In those cases arcsoft total media is my player of choice as it still supports hd-dvd which is useful until I replace my hd-dvd movies with bluray editions.


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MPC-HC will play the correct file from a blu-ray disc, but can't open the disc and auto play the movie right?

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