Free beer.


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Question though, why does it say * /caricacell/> * in the link???

In Italian somewhat like in Spanish it has to do with cartoon or to be cartoonish... (Caricatura) Hmmmm...

Somethin smells here. :rolleyes: :confused:


heh good one, i seen it before but funny never-the-less. I remember going onto my teachers PC when she was out of the lesson and putting up. She wen't ape when it came up!


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Originally posted by Hipster Doofus
gonaads I'm only repeating what it says. I'm fairly sure it is not my view of you. Fairly sure. :p


Oooh yeah... Fairly... :p :p


:D Sorry lads and lassies, it looks like the beer has sold out, or gone off, or something.
I got caught as well, that was before I posted it.
So I thought to myself, (hehehe) I must not be the only one, Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! :p :happy: :eek:


Beware the G-Man
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Originally posted by Hipster Doofus
I know I am but what are you???? :p :p

I'm the person your parents told you to never trust

I'm the thing that comes to you in dreams

and twists them in perverse and hiddious ways

and turns your sweet sweet dreams into nightmares and fears

I an that which can never die that was born at the beginning of time

when good and evil created the world you live in and left me in it to play and scare you all away...

I am that chill that shoots down your spine when you walk into a dark dark room and for an instant you sense that doom

I am that shadow you think you see then you rub your eyes to see what it could be

I am here I am there

but you look again and I'm not there

What's that chill you feel on your neck

Is it my cold breath

Don't look now, Man your a wreck

I am forever

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