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Free Anti Virus/Firewall for a year.



A: It's from M$
B: I don't trust M$
C: I'm not giving any of my personal info out to M$
D: It is probably more spywareable than the rest of M$ crap ..

Thanx for the info though ..
In response to that, its not from MS, your details don't go to MS, you do not have to give accurate details, MS products do not contain spyware.



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Well I have downloaded and installed. It gives the option of just the Firewall or Anti virus, or both. My version tells me it expires in 2005 after 731 days. Bit worrying if it is making mistakes already as it also tells me it is a one year free subscription.

Shamus MacNoob

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There coming to get me help!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

off topic my ISP now provides its ultra high speed customers with free Anti-virus and Firewall software, and they are even starting to scan their networks for infected user's and sending them email telling them that they are either clean or infected, about time the ISP's got involved in the war :)

ps: Bell sympatico Canada
Originally posted by lechtard
Are you so sure about this ??? How do you know it's not ?? Do you have proof ???
Yes I'm sure. Spyware/Privacy threats are easy to spot. Monitor the traffic coming from your system yourself, break it down, examine the contents and you will see Windows is not spying on you.

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