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Free anti-trojan scanner


its only fun
a² is a Malware scanner, remover and protection system which protects against Trojans, Worms and Viruses.

you can now get a free version of the best anti-trojan, A2 (ants 2). all you need to is register




I have found a free antivirus solution all together. We currently use it at my school as alternative to our current paid solution (and it actually works better). You can get it from http://www.avast.com. It's the Avast Home Edition 4.1. All you have to do is register it and you will receive a 14 Month license. When it expires, you simply renew your registration. Real-time scanning is a feature. Check it out.

Perris Calderon

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a few of our members really like avast

I prefer avg, for how much less of a footprint it has...just a few mbs, with excellant protection

if avg cost more then any other virus scanner, I would choose it anyway...it being free is the bonus

at any rate, alan lists here for us a free anti trojan as well


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
Awesome just checked it out and it found 2 likely trojans and one false negative? trojan.

The were all dormant, but still It works and none of my other software picked them up =)

2 were zipped downloads that were never installed and the 3rd was the winamp remote install package..whichis why i think it was a false negative...still deleted it tho ^^

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