Free 32Mb memory key


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Mine will be on it's way shortly also. Could be better than a floppy (huh??? What's a floppy? :p). Gonna have to delete everything on it though. :p


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I was reading and ummm i guess you only get 25mb but it has ads with it but there is a hack where u get 30mb+ without ads.

here is one way
1) Strip the device of the casing
2) Connect it thru extension cable
3) Straighten a portion a paper clip, do the same with another one;
4) Tape both a few millimeters apart to a desk/monitor/etc so that straight parts stick out a bit
6) Pull up "My Computer" screen so you can see your drives
5) Move the USB key in position such that one clip (left) shorts R10
6) Tweak/adjust second clip so it shorts BC5, hold for 5-10 seconds until you see two drives disappear and only one (unformatted) appears back.
7) Format the USB drive and put it back together


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how exactly did you guys get that "arriving shortly" message? i registered and then clicked on get my memory key now...afterwards i had to edit my personal info and clicked on submit...and that's it. i get a link saying "download my case study now" but no message confirming the memory key :(

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