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Frame rates


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I've just bought a new pc with an Athlon 200 XP, 512 ddr, 100 gb hard drive and a Geforce 4 Ti 4600. My old one was a p3 450 with a geforce 2 gts. I'm still getting bad frame rates on some games ' Aliens v predator 2, Medal of honor etc. Does anyone know how to spead them up? Also does anyone know how 2 turn on v sync in medal of honor and tony hawks 3?


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good rig... I am sure that there will be people who can tell you about the new drivers and refresh rate fixes and stuff...

concerning gaming info check out the games link on the forum... you will get your help there...


I use ATi's so am not totally familiar with whats going on with Nvidia...

but there are links to the refresh rate fix and all the new drivers on the front page or in the forums... so browse around and you will see what you need..

what are you considering bad frames? how many fps are you geting in each game? And what setting do you have turned on/off?


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I'm using the latest nvidia drivers 29.42. What I mean by frame rates is that the games I mentioned are pretty jerky.


First to turn off vsync....
Properties-->Settings Tab-->Advanced-->GeForce4 Ti4600 (for you lucky :-D)-->Additional Properties-->OpenGL Settings-->Vertical sync to always off.

And if its getting choppy and you have Zone Alarm on.. that's what's causing it... disable that and then you'll be doing good.


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