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Fragmented files.........?



I have Win XP and I run the disk defragger and it always finishes with :

Fragmentss File Size Files that cannot not be defragmented
2 1024mb \hiberfil.sys
15 1024mb \san_test.tmp

Is this something I should fix (and how) or is this okay?

Thanks :rolleyes:
yeah the hiberfile you can turn off hibernation in the Power Settings, reboot maybe once or twice, then turn back on and it should have gone.

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san test .tmp is from sisoft sandra i think you can get rid of it as its only a test file for measuring file system or summin and if you dont want hiberante on switch it off in the advanced tab in power option and also if you disable hibernate then defrag then enable the file should be contiguous the fragments only remain cuz hiberfile.sys cant be defreged online

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