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FPS2000 Ticking


Kaila Yu

My speaker set is a Creative FPS2000 Digital. As of late I've been getting ticking sounds from my speakers. I tested them by leaving my computer off and just turning on the speakers, and they tick every so often, so its not my soundcard. The tick is like someone lightly flicking the table. It gets REALLY annoying. Whats weird is that only the front two speakers tick, and the back two are fine. I've rewired my entire set and I don't know what the problem is.


Could be alot of reasons. One, you might've blown your speakers. Two, even when your pc is turned off, your speakers still receive a signal from your sound card. Three, your audio cable might be damaged.

Kaila Yu

I don't think I've blown my speakers because my area isn't very sound friendly, (i hardly use the subwoofer, what a waste), and I don't think my audio cables are damaged. I'm guessing that its the problem with the soundcard. I've been getting bad sound quality and I'm not using digital. Any additional help on fixing this will be appreciated.
If your computer was off then it definitely wasn't the sound card. it could be badly shielded cable or speakers picking up interference.


that's not true. regardless of whether the computer is off, they're signals constantly traveling, and your speakers could pick up on them.

shielding might be the problem but i doubt it cuz the fps are desktop speakers to begin with. although, if you place a phone near it, that'd do it also.


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i have the fps2000 digital as well, but i run mine with the digital out on my audigy. sounds perfect, minus twitchy xp drivers.

i'm thinking it could be power fluctuations. especially if it occurs when your computer's off.

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