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My brother keeps complaining about the performance in CounterStrike. I usually get around 400 FPS and up to 600 if I look down, standing in a corner. My brother showed me a screenshot from one of his friends showing an FPS of 2000-2500. Is this even possible? That would mean about 2 billion pixels per second! What do you guys get?

My computer:
P4 1700
512 MB DDR
Geforce 3 Ti200
SbLive! Value
100 GB WD 8 MB Special Edition
Windows XP, newest drivers

Brother's friend:
P4 1800
512 MB Rambus
Geforce 3 Ti200
Windows XP
first of all, getting over 100 fps in counterstrike, a half-life mod, is impossible. half-life caps at 100fps....period.

so, you must be confusing fps with something else. to see fps, bring up console and type net_graph 3.....that shows fps, choke, and in and out transfer rates.

to improve fps, try:

1) turning off vsync
2) setting fps_max to 100 in hl console
3) ocing your video card
4) d/ling refresh rate fix for your monitor

btw, with an oced vid card, a 1.2ghz athlon, i get between 75 - 99fps during gameplay.
The cap can be turned off, I have. And no im not confusing FPS with something else. But I don't believe the 2500, it's just too much.
movies run at 24 fps, tv refreshes at 60Hz....why r u hung up on fps? if u r getting around 60 fps, be happy.

if u have somehow disabled fps and are getting 2500fps in hl, guess what? the human can see less than 1/10th of that, so u r wasting your time...


OSNN Addict
yes, the caps can be turned off, but even if it was theres no way u r gunna get 2500fps!! or 400-600 for that matter.
u sure u are not talkin about time refresh??
and just outa interest how do u turn cap off?


no way. its not possible to get FPS that high. you must be looking at something else. current technology can support it, not to mention your eyes wouldnt be able to distinguish the difference anyways.



fistly, ur all dorks.... secondly, screenies can be edited u know - omg... morons *splaps forehead*


While I suppose it may well be possible to turn off Half-Life's cap, 600 fps is insane. (I think the argument is moot because you can't really tell a difference between such high fps rates in a game with such a low poly count). That being said, what the hell kind of monitor are you using??? That's some monster if it can shoot up and down your screen 600 times every second. I'm not the most knowledgeable person on these boards, but I can't believe that 600 fps could even be achieved by a normal monitor. I can't believe that you can even play at 600, my setup is exactly the same as yours (except I prefer AMD - Athlon xp 2000+), and even when I leave it at 100 fps, moving real fast will make some edges get kind of distorted.

As far as the friend, 2500, no way. Not possible. Especially not with his setup. He must be reading something that isn't fps. Or else something is really screwing up whatever is measuring his fps.


the polygons cap is diffrent then the fps, thats not the fps.
the showtris command doesn't draw the fps it draws the tris count, the number of polygons per second that are rendered.... if you look at the floor, your gona draw alot... but its not pure fps


How can i get more than 100 fps in Halflife? I also think that this is impossible, but if it works let us know how =)

Adawa Kisai

Yahoo, I'm a dork. It must be true 'cause Renegade said. And if there was ever an authority on the subject...:p


the game itself does not support anything over 99~100fps, and anything over around 60fps your eyes can't really tell, you can set your max_fps or fps_max to as high as you want and you'll see the fps going that high, but the correct way is to set your max fps to 100 or 99 than you will get the actual fps in the game.
i know this cause i tried it myself, and i read this in an article posted in CS nation.


You're right, I never realized what an expert he was.

But I'd hesitate to call someone a dork if I openly admitted I'm a Ren & Stimpy fan. Kinda reflects poorly on you, the show wasn't intelligent or inventive, nor, for that matter, was it even remotely comical or entertaining.

Adawa Kisai

Calling him a dork for liking Ren & Stimpy is just as bad as him calling us dorks because we care about things like fps and spend all our time on computers and have no life and... man, I think I just might be a dork after all. :D


I wasn't calling anyone a dork, I'm not going to flame people here, there are other forums for that. I was just kind of making a glass houses reference...

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