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Fox News the Voice of The White House?

Every time I watch it I see it sponsoring hatred! You gotta see how they're running the white house' propaganda on Syria or even on the french at the beginning of the war on Iraq.The channel interviewed all anti-syria from the Israeli diploma at the U.N to the lebanese-american organizations inside the U.S , but never interviewed a syrian or tried to get one word from the officials there! this channel really reminds me of Taliban :eek: ...one voice one eye! what do you think?

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
The Channel sells what the people want to hear.
and i guess in this case people want to hear bad stuff about Syria.
and i'm not sure that the channel necessarily does what is best for the "White House", No one declared war yet.
the channel does anything to get more people to watch it.

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