Not an issue Forum Users on bottom of page?


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6 Dec 2003
Is this a bug? or am i just trippin


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So why is it on the bottom?, has it changed? just curious, I am drinking some green tea but i did buy it at the grocery store:squareeye
The position can be chosen on the admin cp if I recall correctly. At any rate, forum standards tend to putting useless info at the bottom of the page in recent months.
Looks like PE made the change and didn't announce it!

Yes, I know I put his name backwards - it's that kind of day :p
Changes are coming. Be ready.
changes, changes, OMG!!!!!..............................ok :)
Personally, I would like it at the top again, I don't like having to scroll down to see that info.
That info is useless. It is nice to have it at the bottom out of the way.
I wouldn't say its useless... I personally like to see it and its not useless to me.
I'd make it optional but without giving anything anyway.

Not giving anything away...
I kinda like it at the bottom, almost makes the forum seem "cleaner"
I wouldn't say its useless... I personally like to see it and its not useless to me.
Yeah I always have a look at it before I look at new posts, the forum looks wrong now it's been moved :speechless:

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