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Excuse my curtness tonight... I put a lot of work into my self endulging, ego feeding, useless, websites... I try to log into my Ikonboard Admincenter and can't again... not only that but I can't use cgi scripts on my Win2k server, and can't dl from that freaking, not my first choice of words, site due some some "bug" that I've never seen before and shouldn't effect IE6... I'm pissed...

I need a easy, reliable, forum that can be run on "NT"...

Sugestions please...

Keep in mind I don't know what the hell a PHP or SQL is... I do have Perl installed...


Ikonboard ain't working for me... Everytime I install a cgi version I get installaion errors... If I install a hacked pl version I get locked out of the adminceter and can't make any changes to the forum after the initial creation...

Lots of other people having the same problems on their forum no answers on their forum, at least none that work...


I just went to your forum and all I can say it: "dude, your more F#$*ed up than me" :D... Whoa...

I'll give it another shot... Now I gotta dl it sigh...
I've got a bit of exp-erience in this stuff m8... http://www.mdsalih.d2g.com running of a Windows "ME" (Yes Millenium Edition.... go ask my bro why:)) server... apache 1.3.22 (not IIS) and php 4.0.6. with cgi and perl... i beleive you can get the php binaries for IIS and maybe even there are CGI ones...
Translation: http://translate.google.com/transla...er/cgi.html&prev=/search?q=cgi+binaries&hl=en

I've tried IIS.... i reckon it's a pain in the arse and prefer Apache much more... as it's more easy to configure stuff... but some ppl prefer IIS as ait is ment to be more "User Friendly"... damn MicroSoft Products :)

For more stuff e-mail me or add me to ya MSN Messenger list: mdsalih@hotmail.com


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