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forum.osnn.net in epiphany


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I installed gnome today, just wanted to post a screenshot of OSNN in ephiphany, a browser that comes pretty much standard with gnome.

It is an really fast awesome browser that is hardly used, and that is a shame.



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Glaanieboy said:
Isn't Epiphany based off the gecko engine, so in essence a Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox clone? :confused:
In that case everything would be a netscape clone :p

Why is there a need for Safari when we allready have konq? Why is there a need for another mail applications if we allready have Outlook express?

It is because users want choice. Ephiphany might be YaFETG (Yet another Front End to Gecko) but it gives me a choice if i want to use it or not. If i don't want it, i could just grab Firefox instead and use it.

Ephiphany is a small little browser that does what it needs to do, and does it well. I find it a fair bit faster than Firefox on the same hardware.


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Geffy said:
btw, you might want to install the webfonts port so the site doesnt look awful fontwise ;)
That screws over a lot of things. For one, then underlines don't show up anymore in any browser at all. For some reason they are disappear, second i used to have a lot of fonts installed properly, but they got screwed over the last time i decided to just uninstall and reinstall everything :p.

I remember using epiphany when I had Slackware. It was part of the Dropline Gnome installation. The fonts looked MUCH better though. It's a simple, lightweight browser (pretty much like K-Meleon), but I couldn't use it for more than a couple of days.

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