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To enhance the quality of the discussion, we ask that you abide by the guidelines outlined in this document when posting messages.

Violation of these guidelines will result in a warning being issued, persistent warnings will result in either a permanent or temporary ban. The action that is taken will depend on the severity of the violation.

This forum is intended for users over the age of thirteen (13), however users of all ages are able to view the site, therefore persons of a younger age should be taken into consideration when posting content onto the public forums. Therefore it is asked that members use common sense when posting messages.

Actions considered as Flaming (the act of being offensive towards others) will not be tolerated, we try to allow people to voice their opinions, and allow for debate, however we do not want to see posts that offend other forum members.

Explicit and Pornographic Images
This includes, but is not limited to any distasteful photographs or images containing explicit imagery. Furthermore, this includes those of a graphic or vulgar nature, which would be deemed unsuitable for a community forum for all ages. First offence will bring a warning to the member; second offence will result in a temporary ban.

Use of Foul Language
The use of profanity will not be tolerated. Please show respect for yourself and the members of Many profanities are automatically removed by the forum software, any attempts to circumvent the censoring imposed by the board will be removed, repeat offenders will be warned.
If any words have been missed from the filter, please contact a moderator or administrator.

Offence towards groups
Any racist, sexist and other remarks towards a minority or specific group of people, will be deleted and the member shall be warned or banned. The internet is one world, colour or creed is not an issue here!
Utilising the Private messaging system for abuse of threats is also frowned upon and action will be taken if the system is abused.

Post in English
When posting on the forums, please use English, this is not limited to foreign languages, but also don't speak entirely in all-capitals, or 1337-speak, or foul language.
Also if you're able to speak good english, use your abilities - computers provide you with a full keyboard, and there is no need to shorten words to letters (for example you = u, and your = ur) therefore please use full words.

When creating a user name, please take into account the guidelines, any abusive/bad language seen in usernames will be looked upon harshly and will more then likely be deleted on sight. Please also note that for aesthetic purposes please use short words and spaces to break up longer user names.
If you wish to alter or change your username at any time, contact an administrator via the "Current Problems" forum or through private message (Notes on contacting staff can be seen at the foot of this document).

Hacking, cracking or other activities which involve unlawful alteration of software or access to data is forbidden. This site does not promote or want to condone the use of bypassing security of any kind. Including breaking into networks, even if you own them.

Warez is an internet term used to describe software, film, music and data piracy. Any information relating to piracy activities is strictly forbidden from this site.
This rule is not limited to warez, but also includes "keygens" and "cracks", including how to obtain or install them. This can include information on how to bypass, circumvent any software or operating system’s security protocols.

Retail Products and Services
Whilst it may be appropriate to recommend software and services in certain situations, we do not want for the forums to be used as an advert for your companys product or service, therefore we ask that links to external sites only be used when suitable.

Competitive Forums
Do not post links to other forums (unless they explain and provide an answer to the specific question) Any links to a competitive forum are not welcomed (however, they are not strictly banned) and may be deleted unless they are an affiliate of OSNN.

Posts that are completely off topic in order to raise post count or generally irritate other forum users will be removed. This includes posting the same message in multiple forums, the threads will be merged and the various original posts will be removed, this also includes single-word posts and simple "I agree" posts which serve no purpose at all.
Please note that the definition of spam is subject to the admin or moderator's discretion.

Begging for worth such as Reputation Points, Elevated Status, Specific things such as GMail invites or similar goods, or even Money from Members or Staff is not allowed. Please note that this includes the use of signatures on the forums.

Thread Topics
Topics such as "help me" will often be ignored, members will be more likely to view a thread if the topic is more definitive. We want to help, however we can't if we are not lead to the thread.

General Disclaimer
The OSNN Moderation team, and administrators reserve the right to edit or delete any message that does not adhere to or comply with these guidelines. We also reserve the right to ban individuals who repeatedly violate them. If your thread is moved to a moderator forum or deleted, you will be contacted via a Private Message if necessary.

To ensure that the forum guidelines are enforced the moderators have the ability to edit, move, rename or delete all content posted to the public forums, which includes but is not limited to Threads, Posts and Polls.
Super Moderators have the ability to ban users that do not comply with these guidelines.
Super Moderators and Moderators should remember to leave a note if posts are edited and a private message sent to the users if a post is deleted.

Contacting Staff
Please do not contact members of the OSNN team regarding computer problems, post your question in the appropriate forum section, other forum members may have the same problem or have the answer you need. You will have a better chance at getting the answer you are looking for in a timely fashion.
Staff may be contacted regarding content violating the guidlines, site errors, or any other matter of urgency relating to the site, all staff members are listed on the following page

Enjoy Yourself
Although this forum is a technical support forum for computer related hardware and software, we want you to enjoy yourself while getting the most from your computer and operating system and your visit. Keep these guidelines in mind when posting. These rules are subject to change as situations arise. Check back here if you are unsure about content that you wish to post.

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