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formatting HDD



what can i use to format a HDD so that other people cannot recover any data from it?


hardware monkey
use windows to format it... just do not check the 'quick format' option.

doing a full (non-quick) format will completely wipe the harddrive.


NTFS Stoner
Try the website of who made the drive & see if they have a test tool, they normally contain a low level format tool that scrubs the disk overwriting everything and not just the clusters that link the data together. this will put the drive back to 'as new' with no partition information. In other words you have to FDisk it before it is recognised as a drive again.


The Source
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do in this order

format <drive>
fdisk then delete every drive
format <drive>
when install operating system, ask the install to do a full format once again
then convert that partition to NTFS and that should work!

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
lol what are you trying to hide??? ....... and from who? if its just from your mother lolol dont worry a format will do unless she is CIA...... otherwise it will need to be done with EE5 if I remember right it needs to be filled with 1,s and 0,s something like 35 times and wiped over and over the same method national security uses .......if your in deep dodo with the FBI hahaha you better make sure you wipe that sucker real good lol ..............


The Source
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well trying to hide from CIA or FBI, basically that is impossible, they can retreve data from a HDD that has been phusycally dmg.
only way to clean it good is to melt it for kill the disks

Shamus MacNoob

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The formatted data is on the drive in layers ....... even if you formatted 3 -4 -5 times its stilll there ....... there is a way to completly delete it .......its the same method national security uses and EE5 evidence elminator I think has it and its like I said 35 times filled over and over with 1's and 0's and wiped over and over cant remember but I think its something like 35 times written and 7 or 10 wipes ......................


HDD format

use a mil. spec. 7 format.. this will do all that you want will make all info.gone not even FBI/CIA can recover...the closest program avl. to your reg. user would be evi. elim. but set it to do 20 or more times!!

this will do basicly the same thing that mil.spec. 7 does but it must do it many more times!!
If you want to get rid of data on hd remove platters and then get blow torch (plasma torch better) and begin to destruct platters in circular motion. Be careful and use proper saftey precautions. This is preferred method of disk wipe. You only wipe one time (not 7) and job done! Borris out...;)
For the non-technical you can follow these easy steps to data deletion:
1. climb tall tree or cliff
2. throw HDD off said tree or cliff
3. climb down, don't jump remember it's onlt the HDD you want to erase
4. collect pieces and attempt reassembly of device

if it doesn' work the first time you can reattempt the procedure
Originally posted by sentme_mail
will evidence eliminator spoilt the HDD??
No, these disk wipe utilities don't damage the drive... they just write data to them over and over again until what was there is no longer retrievable.


to kill your disk

why do you think the navy went at their spyplane with hatchets and the like? BECAUSE THEY KNEW data distruction was almost completely impossible unless you physically destroy the disk.

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