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Formatting Drive


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right, so i'm about to do a clean install of XP Pro using an XP pro upgrade. i've backed up important files, and some install programs. so to format my drive, all i have to do is go to "c:\windows" and type in "fdisk"? and it'll go go go? and when i put back my saved files, say, emails, i just need to know the folders where they are kept, and just paste them there, and nothing bad will happen, and i'll find all my emails as i left them? or do i need to set up the email addresses before i do that?


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right, i have my importatn files burned on a cd, but i can just take the files (i'm most concerned with my outlook emails, b/c the rest is just like saved game files, and those are simple enough) so i just install outlook express, and know the filepath the original emails were contained in, and the open up that same file path once i've reformatted, and put the files from the back up there? and do i need to create the users on outlook before i do that, or will it not really mess anything up?


fwd all your emails to one account then after you format and install, recheck your mail and you'll have everything
Use the Transfer Files and Settings Wizard to save all your mails and documents. If you don't have XP installed now, insert the XP CD and run it from there (it's in the CD menu).

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