Formatting 80 Gig :)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jam, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. jam

    jam Guest

    I have a Maxtor 30 Gig as the Master and a 80 Gig that I installed today as a Slave.

    I have Win XP Pro (clean installed) and in Device Manager I have those two HD with both the right amount of Gigs.

    In "fdisk" I see only a 10 Gig for my new one which is a 80 Gig. With XP and 2000, partitions over 32 Gig in FAT 32 are not supported but they are in NTFS. My problem is that how can I format my new HD if I see only 10 of the 80 Gig that I have on it even using PM 7 or the Drive Manager from XP, .

    My jumpers on the master are OK, on the Slave no jumpers needed and I can not format my new drive.

    Let me know if you have any solutions please and thanks all for your time.
  2. open_source

    open_source Guest

    Had this happen a few months back. I tried several drives and all did the same. fdisk recognized a 10GB drive. Windows saw the full 80GB's.
  3. allan

    allan Guest

    Is the "new" disk really new or is part of it formatted with ntfs?
  4. jam

    jam Guest

    I have a brand new Maxtor. I tried with Disk Management in XP Pro and also with PM 7.

    With PM 7 I can have only a 2,067 Gig to format :) and in Disk Management I can not even do anything with it.

    This is what I have:

    30 G Maxtor
    C:\ main drive
    * Extended drive
    D:\ Logical drive
    E:\ Logical drive

    I added a 80 G and trying to format this one to have more Logical drives added for a Dual Boot with Mandrake and spaces for my MP3's...

    That HD is not letting me doing any work on it. I tried formatting everything including the first HD and I can take care of the first one but not the second one , fdisk does not recognize it

    I have plenty of time to play with that but I'm looking for somebody to help me ease the pain :) I'll be happy to have another way to try to do it, feel free to post it here so everybody can use the knowledge

    The drive was never formatted before....
  5. open_source

    open_source Guest

    Does the bios recognize it as the full 80?
  6. jam

    jam Guest

    Hello open_source

    Yes it's recognize and it show on my screen when I boot up also. I can see both of them and the BIOS is OK with it.

    I see it also as a 80 Gig in XP Device Manager.
  7. jam

    jam Guest

    I got home tonight, open the computer, tried Disk Management again and it was working. I formated almost all my drives in NTFS and everything is running smoothly.

    Please don't ask me how it happen coz I really don't know :)

    Thanks all for your help.....