formating the system drive



hello i have some problems with cubase SX it uses 100% of my system drive and i cant find anyway to fix it so im going to format the system drive but the problem is that i can figure out how the biip to do it.
ive tried to use the XP CD and i couldnt get the repair of XP to work and if i choose to install a new XP then it doesnt format the drive it will only install one more XP which is stupid...
and i also tried to download an startup diskett program from microsoft(something with 6 disks) couldnt format the drive there eather, was almost the same as installing from CD.
and i tried to use an win98 startup and then it didnt find the system drive(the d: became c: and so on).
"I ALSO" :D tried to make an startup diskett from format disket in XP and then i could use the format command in dos...
come on!

how do i format the C: so i can install an completly new XP? ive run out of ideas... anyway any help welcome.

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Not sure why it isn't cooperating. All you should need to do is boot up with the xp cd installed, follow the screen till you get to the section about formatting. You did try booting up with the cd installed? Not from windows?


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a windows 98 bootdisk will work, i use one to get into DOS with a command prompt when i have xp troubles and it does the job


When you get to the screen that asks which partition you want to install it on you can press D to delete the partition. It will have you confirm this before actually removing the partition. You then create a new partition and choose the RAW format.


IF you're using NTFS do not try and format using Win 98 start disk. It will not recognize NTFS drives and therefor will move all non NTFS drive letters up (ie: D becomes C, E becomes D etc.)

If when installing XP it does not give the option to format, I am at a loss b/c anytime I boot with the disc in, it first asks if I want to repair or install and when I say INSTALL! the next option to to A) Leave the current file system in tact, B) format NTFS C) Format FAT D) Format NTFS (Quick) E) Format FAT (Quick) :confused:


ok i think i have it...
i recognice the removeing of partition thing.. press R to do that or something in the install... only thing im wondering now is how i create new partitions during the install... maybe there is some on screen instructions i cant remember if you guys can fill me in on that then i think im alright...

(Why does microsoft have to screw things up.. i loved the "go to dos and type: format C:, way"... easy and fast.. :D)


ok i just need to double check now then ill do it... gah!
if i remove an partition all other partition will be totaly intact.... just like they were prior to install. the thing is that i have my bands demo in an other partition and i need to be sure that i still can open them after the install.

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What do you mean by 'remove partition'? If you mean format then just make sure 100% that you say 'yes' to the right partition. All others will be unaffected.


Not all versions of Windows XP offer a straight and simple method of formatting. Instead you can (as RabidPenguin
said before) remove a partition by pressing D (Delete. Yes, leaving all others untouched) and then from "unpartitioned space" create a new one by pressing C (Create). Then press Enter on the new partition and select how to format it, FAT or NTFS. Select Quick to prevent a full diskscan.
And yes, there is a way to format a partition by going to the Recovery Console. See:;en-us;Q314058

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