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Formating c: ?

Ok well,
1: Went to install XP on 98 sys.
2: Connected my 98 HD( SEC/MAS) on MY PC with XP PRO.
Went to format the drive, but I only had an option to format in NTFS! Why ?
So I made a 98 boot disk, pluged the HD back in the 98 system, booted from disk, fdisked and erased every partition. formated c:
I checked my Pri-Part and it as Fat32

Now I installed XP, and in XP it gave me the choice of the NTFS sys, or use the same partition. I selected use the same partition.

Now, when my system boots, I get a screen saying, 1 st option : Boot XP PRO
2 nd option : Boot Microsoft Windows.

So i choose XP and it boots ok. And when I select the 2nd one >I get a win98 screen for like 2 secs and back into dos.

What do I have to do?

Do I have to delete one of the partitions ? And Why can't I format a HD in XP into Fat32 ? ( 40g )




that is a good one Helly.

need some more specifics, got a little lost with your post.

u have two partitions on ur 40 gig ??
one partition has XP pro on NTFS ??
The other is now blank, (or a partial 98)

XP should give u the option to format in FAT32.

try deleting & creating the old 98 Partition.

then proceed with XP to get it to format FAT32

i cant see y the 98 boot disk didnt do the job.

a bit more info please......

My computer has a XP PRO system on MY HD.

I pluged in another HD to format it, but when i click on the D: to fomrat it, it gives my only the option to format it in NTFS. I dont know why, it used to be a 98 HD.

So I made myself a boot disk. Reinstalled the 98 HD in the OTHER system, booted of the disk, fdisked, deleted the partitions, made another one. (fat 32) and the formated and installed XP

Then I get that menu saying which op system to boot

Why can't I select Fat32 to format that second HD in MY system with XP PRO?

Pretty weird..



possible it wont boot if you have installed XP on the HDD WHILE in another system.
the whole MoBo configuration is often too much for windows to handle when ya change it on it.

but if that not being the case & u only formatted the HDD in the other system & then installed it on the XP system then.....
thats weird

i had a HDD already in Fat32, booted up with XP & it gave me 4 options

format to NTFS
convert ( i think) to NTFS
format to FAT32
conver to FAT32

or previous to that it gives the option to install on the partition without making a change ie leaving the file format as is

y do u want XP on FAT32 anyway??

sorry i cant be of more help
i am sure someone more knowledgable here will have a better explaination.


in regards to the boot menu with the 2 choices,

maybe there is a boot loader stating both xp and 98 in the ini file???

just a thought


you can only do fat 32 on drives (paritions) smaller then 32 gigs i think so it wont let u format into fat32.
Well I read somewhere that I can format and size drive to Fat32 If I wanted to

Is this true that maybe because the drive is over 20 gigs that when I plug it into my Pc as a slave drive, it could only format as NTFS ?? because that's what it's doing to me right now.




I had this same issue with XP. I had to partition the drive if it was larger than 30 gigs. After that it let me use FAT32.

Seems odd to me.

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