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I am going to format my drive. It has never been done since new. About 2 years old and seems to be really slow. I have heard horrow stories about connecting to the internet after a format without having the MS security patches and updates. Is this a problem to worry about? Also should I try to save my current drivers? Next how can I save my E-Mails ? The Inbox, Sent messages and Deleted messages that are in Outlook? Have XP Home. Never done this before!!!!!


Computer Genius
the easiest way to back up your messages in outlook is to drag them into a folder on your desktop and burn them to a CD.

you can also download the windows critical updates to a CD, to access the "Windows Update Catalog"...go to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com , under "Other Options" select "Display the link to the Windows Update Catalog under see Also"

you can then select and download updates appropriate for your machine, which you can then install on your system before connecting it to the internet.

on that CD, i'd also go to the manufacturers websites of your devices, and download the latest drivers.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
All you need to get you going again is a firewall. If you want you can use the one in XP for starters.

Right click network connections/properties. Right click your ISP/properties/Advanced. Turn it on in there.


Hello cat826327 do as cpugeniusmv says, save all your stuff to a cd then go ahead and formatt it's not as scary as it sounds.I've done it about a zillion times now and the worst thing is just waiting for windows to finish installing.
it's a cinch. i remember the 1st time i formatted. that was back with win98 se. i was really scared.

but with xp, it's so easy. so easy in fact, that it's boring! ;)


Personally I buy pc mags that have periodical security updates for this reason rather than use Windows update.
They can then be loaded enmasse. when reinstalling ones system.
Otherwise use "Update" and stagger the various file installs.

To back up email files there are very few free progs that do this,but look in Google.
It can be done manually, but is hassle.
I use one of the best shareware ones , "Express Assist" and is automated.

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