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21 Apr 2004
I dont have the option to format my slave to fat32! Is there anyother way to do this?
I read that just a bit ago, but they said something about only 32gb being seen? It weird too, cuz i used to have the option for fat32 format, and now i dont..btw its formating good


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i had a program in my old vista set up i downloaded that let me format and partition, but i forgot what it was
format it with windows XP :)
I suspect that won't work for volumes over 32GB either. There's a MSKB article about the limitations here:

The OS will recognize FAT32 volumes that are larger than 32GB, but the built-in tool can't format them. I've seen reports of people using Partition Magic to format, but there should surely be some free alternatives out there.
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i know there are, but i cant find em. Partition magic doesn't work in vista, acronis demos kinda suck, i dont want to pay for something ill use once..
hmm... i thought that 32GB limit was only during the setup portion of XP.. if you attach/install a new drive, i thought it was possible to partition and format a FAT32 partition larger than 32GB.

I could be wrong, it's been a LONG time since I worked with FAT32 partitions.
First question comes to mind why Fat 32? next if you must have Fat 32 does it have to be the whole drive or would 1 or 2 partitions suffice?
If the first question can be answered maybe someone can think of another solution.
Go to Seagate or Western Digital and download their drive tools. Either of them can format the entire drive FAT32 or NTFS no matter what the size is.
I dont get how to use it, its just a bunch of files with no exe or anything..maybe im missing something!
It's a LiveCD, so you burn the ISO image to a CD and boot from it like you would with a Windows setup disc.
When it loads, you'll be presented with a UI to manage your disk partitions.

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