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format slave to fat32


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I read that just a bit ago, but they said something about only 32gb being seen? It weird too, cuz i used to have the option for fat32 format, and now i dont..btw its formating

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format it with windows XP :)
I suspect that won't work for volumes over 32GB either. There's a MSKB article about the limitations here:

The OS will recognize FAT32 volumes that are larger than 32GB, but the built-in tool can't format them. I've seen reports of people using Partition Magic to format, but there should surely be some free alternatives out there.
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i know there are, but i cant find em. Partition magic doesn't work in vista, acronis demos kinda suck, i dont want to pay for something ill use once..


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hmm... i thought that 32GB limit was only during the setup portion of XP.. if you attach/install a new drive, i thought it was possible to partition and format a FAT32 partition larger than 32GB.

I could be wrong, it's been a LONG time since I worked with FAT32 partitions.


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First question comes to mind why Fat 32? next if you must have Fat 32 does it have to be the whole drive or would 1 or 2 partitions suffice?
If the first question can be answered maybe someone can think of another solution.

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Go to Seagate or Western Digital and download their drive tools. Either of them can format the entire drive FAT32 or NTFS no matter what the size is.

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