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Format Question


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If you have SATA HDD you will need a Floppy Drive for the SATA Drivers. The XP CD does not recognize an SATA HDD.


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I know how to format but I want the entire drive wiped clean before the install and since I don't have a floppy my boot disks are useless

It's not SATA to my knowledge


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SATA hard drives don't require drivers. It is the controller that requires the drivers which may not be present.

Do not do a quick reformat and you will be all set as far as the drive being wiped clean. If you really want to wipe is completely clean then you would need to write 1's and 0's using a utility from your hard drive manufacturer (e.g. WD Data Lifeguard Tools).

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You should be able to wipe partitions etc. to with any bootable Windows install disk these days, shouldn't be any need to dust off the old 3.5

SATA drivers, wow - I am so happy Vista sees it by default :)

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