Format Drive NTFS option




I will be formatting one of my drive from FAT32 to NFTS?
just has a test run under XP format option

there is the cluster size 4096 and 512 bytes..option
and the compression check box ?

which allocation unit siez is more eficient or faster 512 or 4096 bytes ?

The default is 4096 bytes ?

Is the compression option mean the same as the stacker type double the disk space ?

I just bought a 60 G HD
and try experimenting with different cluster size ...
it appear 4k is the best option ..
and partition each at 20G!

and repartiiton one with 5G and enable me to use a 512bytes

so the 'slack' is less ..
not bad!

I have been using FAT32 for a long time.. and think its not a bad format If I dual boot with W98.

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